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          Monty’s opened October 1983. It was the first authentic Italian Restaurant in Punta Gorda, Florida. For years Monty’s owner Diane Caputo thrived on treating her guests like family and creating a dining experience with great food that made you feel like you were home. August 13, 2004 changed that forever. Hurricane Charley destroyed the building in its path taking all that history with it.

          Monty’s opened back up just a few short months after Charley in the Publix shopping center across the street, but not by Diane herself. She was selling the business due to her own health issues and to take care of her dying father. “It just wasn’t the same.” customers said, leading the business downhill. Diane just couldn’t let 20 years of hard work go down. In mid 2007 she took back over renaming the business Old Monty’s bringing back the old recipes and the old menu so it was just like the old place. Through the recession she rebuilt her reputation and has now decided to rebuild at the original location.

          October 2013 marks 30 years that Monty’s has been in business supporting the local community with quality service and authentic food. The only place it is going…back home!

Let our Family take care of yours. We offer a varied catering menu sure to fit your needs and budget. Awesome salads, baked ziti, homemade lasagna, and more...
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Monty's Restaurant & Pizzeria